Top 5 Coffee Spots in Hawkes Bay

Aug 12, 2019
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Milk & Honey 

My personal local spot. Enjoy views of Napier beach in this ambient little place. Perfect for those who enjoy a walk in the morning, and rewarding yourself with a warm cup of coffee. 


Your local Havelock spot to enjoy a caffeine fix, while feeling a little bit fancy! You're always guaranteed a perfect cup of coffee, with a modern classy vibe. 

Mister D

So who can pass up a good cup of coffee? If yes then come here if no then come here! As they have are the most delish doughnuts that you can find. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Hapi Clean Kia Co-op

The name says it all happy and vegan! At Hapi, they believe the old adage 'you are what you eat', that physical and mental wellbeing is a true reflection of how you fuel your body. I'm a freak for coconut flat whites - once you try this your life will be changed! Also don't forget about the frozen coconut yogurt, the perfect summer craving treat. 

F.G Smith 

Napier or Hastings locations, so wherever you may be there will be amazing coffees every time! Providing the perfect setting for a good coffee date.