Learn How to Speak Kiwi – Talk Like a New Zealander

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On your next visit to New Zealand (pronounced New Zulland), we want to ensure you are well prepared and have the tools to understand the local ‘Kiwi’ language…


So here's a crash course of how to speak Kiwi – including local slang words and their meanings:


Common Words


  • All Good - Short for “all is good”. Generally means “fine” or “okay”. “Hey bro, how are you?” “All good”

  • Bach - A holiday home, (pronounced Batch). In the South Island, they say “Crib”.

  • Bro - (Short for brother), a term used when talking about a mate (male friend)

  • Bloke - Used when talking about a man. “Do you see that bloke over there?”

  • Buggar - A word used for disappointment - e.g. when you tell someone you had a bad day, they reply - "buggar!"

  • Chocka - Full or overflowing "the bus is chocka today!"

  • Choice - Isn't that great

  • Chur – Thanks

  • Cuzzie/Cuz - Short for “cousin”. Can also be used instead of “Bro” but refers to anyone. “Here comes Katie. Hey cuz!”

  • Dairy - A small grocery or convenience store.

  • Duvet - Comforter, or Doona – Used for on top of bed linen.

  • Heaps - This means a lot – “I had heaps of fun on holiday”. This word is used heaps in New Zulland, so get used to it.

  • Six - (pronounced Sex) is the number 6 - not something to do as recreation

  • Sweet As - Can be used instead of Yes. "Hey Steve, can I stay at your house?" "sweet as"

  • Yeah, Nah - I acknowledge you but no. “Bro, wanna go up to my bach this weekend?” “Yeah, nah”



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